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LAPPEN'S introduces a pulling rack that disappears!

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Space Saving Frame Rack Disappears When Not In Use

Get the added space and flexibility your shop needs.

In-ground Frame Rack folds up to nothing - it disappers - when not in use!

     Before                After 

Mini Ductor Coil Kit

The Mini-Ductor Coil Kit is an accesory for Mini-Ductor. The kit enables the user to heat frozen or stuck nuts and bolts up to 1 1/2" in size.  The kit includes an additional 7 coils:
• One 1-3/4" Preformed Coil (#MD99-607)
• One 1-1/2" Preformed Coil (#MD99-608)
• One 1-1/4" Preformed Coil (#MD99-609)
• One 1" Preformed Coil (#MD99-610)
• Two 7/8" Preformed Coil (#MD99-601)
• One 3/4" Preformed Coil (#MD99-611)
• One 7/8" Preformed Coil (#MD99-605)

Mini Ductor Mini Pad

The Mini-Pad, for use with Mini-Ductor, can be used to remove stripes, vinyl decals, release dimples on twisted panels, small mouldings,...etc...